::: engel ::: (sickly___sweet) wrote in bajl,
::: engel :::


that's hot is soon to be a patented phrase of miss paris hilton

I would like to draw to your attention some things that are hot......

the sun......

this t-shirt design........

miami south beach......

these chilli's

and of course.............NICOLE

hope that was enjoyable.......

butterflies + eskimo kisses
Luv Lynz x
Tags: penguin suits, resurrection, that's hot
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That is most definatly HOTT

Kiss my ass and give me a fake tan
you are gayer than my dinosaur with no arms
I love you
x ♥ x
dinosore head

who would win in a fight between mr muscle and barry scott?

butterflies + eskimo kisses
Luv Lynz x